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Re: Quake and snes9x should be in main

I'd like to point out one thing, as I believe others have also pointed out:

Section 2.1.3 of the Debian Policy manual:

The contrib section:

Examples of packages which would be included in "contrib" are free packages 
which require ... packages which are not in our archive at all for compilation 
or execution
                               ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^
Perhaps if the snes9x license has changed (just checked and the version in sid 
prohibits commercial use), it could be moved out of non-free into contrib, but 
not into main, unless some free ROMs are packaged. As for quake, some free pak 
files should be packaged for it to enter into main. Else, necessary files for 
both are outside the Debian archive.


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