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RE: Quake and snes9x should be in main

On 15-Jan-2001 Eric Gillespie, Jr. wrote:
> Package: ftp.debian.org
> Severity: normal
> Both of these packages meet the DFSG, and neither of them require
> any non-free software to work. Some have made the argument that
> since id Software's Quake game data isn't free, Quake depends on
> non-free software, and since most SNES ROMs are pirated games,
> snes9x depends on non-free software. This argument is bogus
> because these programs *can* be used without this non-free
> software. For example, if you wanted to develop a free SNES ROM
> or Quake data pack (a copmlete one that does not depend on
> anything from id), you would need this *free* software to develop
> it.

snes9x license:

 * Permission to use, copy, modify and distribute Snes9x in both binary and
 * source form, for non-commercial purposes, is hereby granted without fee,
 * providing that this license information and copyright notice appear with
 * all copies and any derived work.
 * This software is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied
 * warranty. In no event shall the authors be held liable for any damages
 * arising from the use of this software.
 * Snes9x is freeware for PERSONAL USE only. Commercial users should
 * seek permission of the copyright holders first. Commercial use includes
 * charging money for Snes9x or software derived from Snes9x.
 * The copyright holders request that bug fixes and improvements to the code
 * should be forwarded to them so everyone can benefit from the modifications
 * in future versions.

Eric, if you think this fits the DFSG, please re-read the DFSG.  If you still
thinks this is DFSG, please turn in your debian super secret decoder ring.

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