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X 4.0.x package kills Xaw-wrappers

The recent X (4.0.x) packages are looking *very* good !  Most of my
boxes are now at 4.0.2.

I do have one severe problem with the upgrade, and it will affect anyone
fond of Xaw-wrappers (any of them - 3d, next, w95, etc.):

Once the X4.0x developement packages are installed, any rebuild of an
existing package using libXaw (xconsole, x3270, etc ad nauseam) will
now require libXaw.so.7.0 instead of libXaw.so.6.1 (which it was
built with under X3.x.x).

To get x3270 to use nextaw, I had to switch the libXaw.so symlink
to point to libXaw.so.6.1 for the compile/build (and have left it
there to see what, if anything, might break).

I really miss having xconsole wrapped and thus have bypassed the
wrappers and created my own wrapper in /usr/local/bin that sets

That approach isn't feasible for the plethora of packages affected...

Is there a clean Debian-wide solution ?
Rick Nelson
Life'll kill ya                         -- Warren Zevon
Then you'll be dead                     -- Life'll kill ya

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