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qt on m68k/update "excuse" problems (was: How to "solve" update "excuse" problems?)

Anthony Towns wrote:

> alpha doesn't have a buildd at present.
> The powerpc link from the excuses page says, amongst other things:
>   State               : Dep-Wait
> which indicates (aiui) that one of the build-depends of xsidplay hasn't
> been built yet; which may mean the build-depends are incorrect, or simply
> that something's not built yet. Since the page also says:
>   Depends             : libsidplay (>= 1.36.40-1)
> my guess would be it's the problem. But that's only a guess.

Thank you for the explanations! (Although I'm still not sure how to solve
this - there are binaries for both libsidplay1 and libsidplay1-dev 1.36.46
in woody on powerpc; furthermore, if alpha has no buildd, how should things
handled there?)

> The m68k build log, which can be found by following links from
> http://m68k.debian.org/, shows the build dying with lots of undefined
> symbols.

Well, the compiler errors are caused by libqt undefined symbols. As the
package compiles fine on i386, I wonder if there are any known problems
with qt on m68k. Should the package possibly deleted there?


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