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debian rc scripts

Is there a good reason why packages that include rc scripts in
/etc/init.d don't have a means of specifying what the default sequence
it will be start / stopped?  Redhat does this with a chkconfig: field
in each init script.  Now, I don't suggest that we need to do this
simply because Redhat does, but I recently ran into a problem with some
locally-reordered rc scripts that I wanted to set to "package default",
i.e., how it was set in the postinst.  The only way I could figure out
how to do this is to reinstall the package.  That isn't so bad, but if
we're going to have an update-rc.d defaults option, shouldn't that set
the default as determined by the package maintainer, instead of a
predetermined default for all scripts when using update-rc.d?
Chris Ruffin <cmruffin@debian.org>

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