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update_excuses & update_output output files

I cannot figure out why my package will not be accepted into testing,
and I'm having difficulty deciphering the output of the update


electric 6.00-1 (new) (low) 
        Maintainer: Chris Ruffin <cmruffin@debian.org> 
        electric has been hanging around for 52 days! 
        valid candidate (will be installed unless it's dependent upon other buggy pkgs) 


Binaries from electric 6.00-1 cannot be installed: 


Here's "The List":
electric: alpha: electric

So, it seems that whatever script creates update_excuses.html thinks
the package is a valid candidate.  However, whatever script screates
unstable_probs.html thinks that the m68k package for electric is the
problem (or at least, a problem).  And finally, the script that
updates update_output.txt seems to think the alpha package is botched.

It appears that all the packages are available in unstable, some in
the pool, some not (I don't think this matters).  The m68k and alpha
packages in particular, are there, and at least the alpha package
doesn't report any problems with lintian or:

PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/sbin dpkg --no-act -i electric_6.00-1.deb

but it isn't clear whether this is any indication whatsoever that
there is or isn't any problems with the package.
Chris Ruffin <cmruffin@debian.org>

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