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PostgreSQL 7.1 progress

I'm in the process of packaging PostgreSQL 7.1beta3.  It's not yet completing
the build successfully, but it's now a question of changing debian/rules and
the various files and dirs files.  There may still remain some problems
with perl-dependent stuff; perl is HELL! (metaphorically :-))

I'm also making some changes to the installation scripts to take account of
upstream changes.  This will involve moving user options from pg_options
and postmaster.init into the new postgresql.conf.  There will probably be
other changes too.

This is the opportunity to suggest any major changes to the packaging.
I'll be going back over my emails to see what people may have suggested,
but they're probably not complete, so don't assume that I will automatically
remember anything you've mailed me in the past.

I won't commit the new package to unstable until 7.1 is made final.  When the
first package of a beta release is available I will post an address where it
may be obtained.

PostgreSQL team: I shall upload this to cvs when I have got an installable

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