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Re: g++, namespace std and STL

On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 01:04:28AM +1100, Chris Leishman wrote:
> Hopefully someone can set me straight on this one...
> - The STL, as distributed with g++, does NOT use namespaces as it should.  It
>   appears to be an older (or modified) version of the STL from that on the
>   SGI website.  Why is this different or old?
>   In "stl_config.h", __STL_NO_NAMESPACES is defined when building with
>   __GNUC__ 2.95.2 - which prevents the STL from putting things in the std
>   namespace (where they supposively belong).

You can't use the SGI STL with GCC, I think.  It just won't work. 
Similarly, GCC 2.95.2 has insufficient namespace support for the SGI

> - The stl-manual, distributed as a debian package, is for the more recent SGI
>   releases of the STL.  Several things that this package talks about are
>   simply not in the version of the STL as provided with g++.

Not really avoidable, I guess...

> - g++ by default, ignores the "std" namespace - assuming everything declared
>   within the namespace as global (basically removing the std:: component).
>   However, you can make g++ do "the right thing" by providing -fhonor-std on
>   the compile line.  However then binaries fail to link because the symbols in
>   the libstdc++-* libraries do NOT contain the std:: component, and thus do
>   not resolve.  (Eg. std::terminate)
>   Why is the library compiled in this way?

Because of failures in the insufficiently tested namespace code, I'd

Note that the 2.95 g++ implementation is hideously inconformant, and
the STL with it... G++ 3.0 should be available for testing very shortly
now, and is a world of improvement.


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