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PRE Version numbers


I just packaged the pre1 of jabber 1.4, but i wonder how to name the
package, since according to dpkg:

3ecki@calista:~> dpkg --compare-versions 1.3 lt 1.4 && echo "1.3 is older than 1.4"
1.3 is older than 1.4
3ecki@calista:~> dpkg --compare-versions 1.4 lt 1.4pre1 && echo "1.4 is older than 1.4pre1"
1.4 is older than 1.4pre1

But of course i want to have 1.4 to overwrite 1.4-pre1... so what to do
without introducing 1:

I grepped my available file and there are a lot of pre packages, but no real
solution i found. They will probably all break version field some way or

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