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[Rapidly spiralling OT] Re: that new maintainer crap

Mail client bit:
I live in vain hope of Evolution's composer working. It'd be quicker to get
it working by dedicating all my resources to it and just editing with nmh,
which I already have, then setting up another.

Basically, the way I see it, is that we should certainly keep going with the
NM process. I may be biased, because of the fact I am in the NM queue,
finished T&S, P&P, and, as of yesterday, my ID check. I think that if we
shut the NM queue and say "get a sponsor", the sponsors will be so loaded
with sponsorship, they won't have time to maintain their own packages. I'm
just saying that if we keep rolling with NM, just not dishing out accounts
or emails unless they are needed for a reason.

Sponsorship is a brilliant idea, don't get me wrong. But there is such a
thing as taking a good idea too far, and closing off the NM queue in favour
of sponsorship is exactly that.

e.g, assuming the house has 2 adults and 2 kids living in it:
Good idea - "Let's extend our house so we can have more room!"
Good idea taken too far - "Let's buy out the entire neighbourhood and make
our house 9.9e9999999999999 stories high so we can have even more room!"

Good idea - "Let's have package sponsors!"
Good idea taken too far - "Let's close off NM and make all the NMs work
through sponsors!"

I think you get the point, and I hope that this is (more or less) EOT.


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