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diskless package not in update_excuses?


Maybe it is because it is listed in "Problems in unstable":

     * Binaries from diskless 0.3.10 cannot be installed:
          + diskless(arm)
          + diskless(hurd-i386)
          + diskless(mipsel)
          + diskless(sh)
          + diskless-image-secure(arm)
          + diskless-image-secure(hurd-i386)
          + diskless-image-secure(mipsel)
          + diskless-image-secure(sh)
          + diskless-image-simple(arm)
          + diskless-image-simple(hurd-i386)
          + diskless-image-simple(mipsel)
          + diskless-image-simple(sh)

I think there are several issues:

1. these packages are "Architecture: all", why is i386 not listed?

2. Why is diskless "not installable" anyway, I have never had any bug
reports... Perhaps this is a debconf issue?

3. diskless-image-* are only designed to be installed on an NFS-root
image directory. Is this going to be a serious problem trying to get
them into testing? This is required in order for apt-get to
automatically upgrade the package. 

If this *is* going to be a problem, I have a possible solution:
include the diskless-image-* packages in diskless, and have diskless
somehow responsible for upgrading image directories to the latest
version, but I want to consider my options first. (what is the best
way that a script can determine if a package needs to be upgraded or
not, without apt-get?)

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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