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Re: senior developer? [was: New-maintainer - STOP THAT SHIT]

** On Jan 13, Adam Heath scribbled:

> > I can not find this job description ("senior developer") mentioned above by 
> > Herr Schulze on any *.debian.org web pages.
> Doing the difficult duties that have to be done right and well.  These are
> people who work on policy, who work on the website, the bug tracking system,
> the archive, who work on the large packages(or help work on the large
> packages), arch leads.
> Lead developers don't just do work.  They come up with guidelines that others
> follow.  New developers have not been in debian long enough to understand
> fully how everything works.
How do the people who were using (and were on debian-devel and other lists)
for, say, 3 years but aren't maintaners/developers (in the official way) fit
this picture? Do the also fall into the category of those "who don't fully
understand how everything works"? I feel that the above definition isn't
perfect... (and I don't mean myself by writing the above - it just came to
me when I read your response).



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