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X server for i810 and kernel 2.4.0

I am running woody on an i386 system with a motherboard based on the
Intel 810 chipset.  I wanted to upgrade to the 2.4.0 kernel for which
I configured the agpart device and support for the i810.  I assumed
that this replaced the kernel module for agpart support required for
the 3.3.6 xserver-svga, as described on the Debian X Strike Force
pages (people.debian.org/~branden).  The xserver failed under the
2.4.0 kernel as I had it configured.  Should I expect it to run and I
just have my kernel configuration wrong?

I did try to upgrade to X 4.0.2 by adding Branden's repository to my
apt sources list.  That got me pretty thoroughly wedged - to the point
where I couldn't start X under my backup 2.2.16 kernel - and I had to
back out.

I can provide details if desired but I don't think I should use up the
bandwidth on this list.  Please contact me by e-mail if you have
experience with this type of hardware/software configuration.  I am
willing to do some experimentation and configuration - I just want to
know what should be expected to work.

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