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Re: Message CCs (again for the xth time)

>>>>> "Colin" == Colin Walters <walters@cis.ohio-state.edu> writes:

    Colin> Since you're using Gnus, try typing 'G c' on your
    Colin> debian-devel group.  Note the "To Address" parameter.  This
    Colin> makes it so typing 'F' (as I just did) does the Right
    Colin> Thing.

Already done, but...

    >> Also, some replies should *not* go to the mailing list either,
    >> but to the mailing list via a BTS address, for
    >> instance. Consider debian-policy, where this frequently
    >> applies.

    Colin> This is a more unusual situation.

I seems to be common on debian-devel, and almost 100% of messages on
debian-policy use the BTS.

Also consider messages posted to security@lists.debian.org (AFAIK),
which get forwarded to debian-private@lists.debian.org. My setup (as
you described it) will send replies to debian-private, which is wrong.

    >> Also, what about cross posted messages? Why should the reply go
    >> to one mailing list, but not the other? How is the MUA to know
    >> that two of the addresses are required for mailing lists, and
    >> should both be used?  Yes, sometimes cross posts are required.

    Colin> In this case in Gnus, you type 'S W' to reply to all
    Colin> addresses.  I assume other mailers have a similar feature.

    Colin> In short, I think this is a user configuration issue.

Then you send a CC to the original poster, too. Unless of course you
meant to say: type "S W" and then manually edit the addresses. Which
is easy to forget.

...and we restart this thread again.
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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