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Re: Solving the compression dilema when rsync-ing Debian versions

>>>>> " " == Jean-loup Gailly <jloup@gzip.org> writes:

     > Sorry for a late reply, I've just been aware of the existence
     > of this thread.

    >> As you know, it's been eons since the last upstream gzip
    >> release.  What are the chances of upstream being interested in
    >> making this patch official?

     > I am "upstream" and I do want to make gzip rsync-friendly by
     > default (without even a --rsync option) since the cost in
     > compression ratio is negligible. But I need help on the gzip
     > development since I no longer have time to do everything
     > myself. After my interview on SlashDot
     > http://slashdot.org/interviews/00/03/10/1043247.shtml where I
     > asked for help I got no serious offer. I need someone with data
     > compression expertise and some experience with the maintenance
     > of an open source project.

     > Jean-loup

Great, so it should be failry straight forward for you to include
rustys --rsyncable patch and after some testing make it the default

Rusty, are you reading this? Anotherone wants your patch. :)


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