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Re: ITP: usbmgr -- user-mode USB kernel modules manager

"Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shaleh@valinux.com> writes:

> On 12-Jan-2001 Yoshiaki Yanagihara wrote:
> > 
<snipped stuff about usbmgr>
> instead of this, help debian get a proper /sbin/hotplug
> implementation.  usbmgr is only useful in 2.2 series.  With 2.4
> kernels, hotplug is the chosen interface and ANY device which can be
> hotplug'ed falls under its control -- usb, firewire, pcmcia, etc.

If this were a proposal of a new development project, perhaps.
However, I don't intend to be running kernel 2.4.x for a while yet,
even on my personal machine which USB port I'd like to get working.
(I want at the very minimum to study iptables carefully first)

I for one would like to be able to use USB stuff easily before I go to

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