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RE: ITP: usbmgr -- user-mode USB kernel modules manager

On 12-Jan-2001 Yoshiaki Yanagihara wrote:
> Pacakge: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> I intent to package "usbmgr":
>   http://www.wondernetworkresources.com/staff/shuu/linux/usbmgr/index.html
> usbmgr is User-mode daemon which loads and unloads USB Kernel Mouldes.
> When USB devices connect into or disconnect from a USB hub,
> the usbmgr works as the following according to configuration.
>  a) Loads and unloads files Linux kernel modules.
>  b) Execute file to setup USB devices.
> License: GPL2

instead of this, help debian get a proper /sbin/hotplug implementation.  usbmgr
is only useful in 2.2 series.  With 2.4 kernels, hotplug is the chosen
interface and ANY device which can be hotplug'ed falls under its control --
usb, firewire, pcmcia, etc. 

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