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Re: ITP: mkcramfs ... but how?

On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 10:36:21PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> * When it is, it will be as a kernel-source-2.4.x package. Eventually
>   there will be more than one I'm sure, as different releases come out.
>   So we could make the kernel-source-2.4.x package build a mkcramfs
>   package when it is built, but then we would end up with many of them.
>   Doesn't seem it would work well.

Maybe a flag could be used somehow in the kernel-source package to let
Herbert decide, just before building and uploading, if he wants a
mkcramfs package to be generated by the upload. The name of this
package could be allways the same, so only one version would exist.

We would know the kernel version used to build it from the Source:
field, and it could also be written in the description using

> * I could rip the cramfs directory out of the kernel source, but then
>   it would not be pristine source.

Would that be a problem? It IS a standalone directory (it doesn't need
upper makefiles).

I have ripped parts from the kdemultimedia sources and used them in
the build system for brahms. As long as licenses are not violated,
copyright notes are included and original sources are clearly
referenced, it doesn't seem a bad solution to me.

Both solutions seem fine. The second one seems easier, though.


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