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ITP: mkcramfs ... but how?

I would like to package mkcramfs, a small utility to create a cramfs
filesystem image from a tree of files. 

However, the only known source for mkcramfs is linux/scripts/cramfs in a
2.4 kernel. This presents difficulties:

* The 2.4 kernel doesn't even seem to be in debian yet.
* When it is, it will be as a kernel-source-2.4.x package. Eventually
  there will be more than one I'm sure, as different releases come out.
  So we could make the kernel-source-2.4.x package build a mkcramfs
  package when it is built, but then we would end up with many of them.
  Doesn't seem it would work well.
* I could package up a copy of the kernel source tree, but that would
  be upteen megabytes of source for a program this is just a few K
  compiled, and less than 1kloc of source.
* I could rip the cramfs directory out of the kernel source, but then
  it would not be pristine source.

I don't know what to do. I just know the debian installer project will
probably use cramfs and needs this utility to be available in package


see shy jo

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