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Re: Where's ttmkfdir?

11.01.2001 pisze Carl B. Constantine (carl@os-s.com):

> > No. fttools package contains mkttfdir, not ttfmkdir.

> What's the difference? Is there one?

Yes. The 'ttmkfdir' utility can detect many more encodings than
'mkttfdir'. For example, the fonts.scale generated with 'ttmkfdir'
contains 1190 entries, while the fonts.scale generated with 'mkttfdir'
only 151 (only iso-8859-1 encoding -- it probably creates the Japanese
encodings, but that's probably all).

The 'ttmkfdir' package (a bit old) could be downloaded from
http://hell.pl/baran/tek/linux/debian/ttmkfdir. I ITPed it once, some
time ago, and requested for sponsoring (along with some other
packages). Probably nobody found this package usable enough to sponsor

best regards,

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