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Re: devfsd also (was: NMU of sitecopy ?)

On Wednesday 10 January 2001 06:40, Brian Frederick Kimball wrote:
> The devfsd package could also use an NMU or two.  It has apparently been
> ignored by Tom Lee for months.  Almost all of its bugs appear to be
> fairly trivial, and he's only responded to one of the 11 open bugs (and
> that response was three months ago).
> I'm not trying to 'dis' Tom; he may very well have good reasons for his
> current withdrawal from debian.  Its just that SOMETHING needs to be
> done with his packages.

Currently I have enough work to do.  In about a month's time I will be 
prepared to take over the devfsd package as it's an area that I am interested 
in (and it shouldn't be too difficult to maintain - I don't anticipate the 
need to make any major changes).

If someone else wants to do it then I'd be happy to send them patches and to 
test out new versions before they release them.

In this case I am not interested in doing NMU's.  I'll either take it over in 
Feb (if Tom is willing to give it to me and no better qualified person 
volunteers) or send patches and do testing for whoever is maintaining it at 
that time.

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