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NMU of sitecopy ?


the sitecopy package is heavily out of date. sitecopy in sid is at 0.9.10
(the upstream release as of Apr 2000). Since then, there were more than ten
new upstream releases with various major improvements. The most recent
upstream version is now 0.10.12.

The bug page for sitecopy lists various bugs as open that already have been
fixed by you, (e.g. #55156, which was fixed by 0.9.10-1), and bug reports
that were subsequently fixed in NMUs have not been touched by you when you
uploaded 0.9.10-1.

I filed a report about a new upstream version some three months ago
(#74548), and got no reaction so far. Likewise for #71077 (124 days old) and
most other bug reports, where you never showed any reaction (at least
nothing is recorded in the BTS).

As reaction to #71077, you wrote on Sep 07, 2000 that you uploaded 0.10.4 to
Incoming for woody. This package never arrived in woody, but you didn't seem
to care.

Tom, are you still with us, and are you still interested in maintaining this
package ? Then, please take this as a strong reminder that there are some
people who are interested in this package.

If I don't get a reaction, I will bring up the issue how to take away this
package from the current maintainer, and I'll upload an NMU RSN.


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