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Bug#81769: Does not boot from CD-Rom

Package: General
Version: 2.2

When I try to boot from CD on my SCSI system it does only
boot, when CD-Rom is the SCSI device with the highest priority.
In this case it does not boot from the hard-drive. Do I switch
the SCSI IDs it boots from the harddrive but not from CD-Rom.
In case the hard-drive has no boot-sector system hangs up, even
though the bootable CD is in and detected. One might think that
it is a SCSI problem, but however it works out with a Win2000
CD (it does boot on any ID). Strange, what's the problem here?

I'm using adaptec AHA-2940UW with pentium system (Award
Bios). All devices are conected to the narrow (50pin) bus.
current ID-setup: HD1 01, HD2 02, CD-Rom 04, Jaz 05,
Tape 06. Termination on Host and tape (last on chain & cable).
The CD-Set I try to install is Debian 2.2 "Joel 'Espy' Klecker"


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