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ITP: mserv


License is BSD.

Description: local centralised multiuser music environment
 Mserv is a music server designed to do a number of things better than most
 systems designed to play mp3s:
  Supports any type of client using standard TCP protocol 
  Stores information on mp3 (bitrate, duration, name, author, genre, date
 produced, last play date) in on-disk database. 
  Stores rating information supplied by the user (awful, bad, neutral, good,
  Has a comprehensive queuing system (track, album, random album, etc) 
  Random play chooses the songs that people currently on-line want to hear
 using their ratings of the songs. 
  Search facilities, status information, statistics, etc. 
  User management facilities, four levels of users, encrypted passwords. 
  Talker style communication (say, emote etc.) 
  Play, next, pause, stop, repeat, volume, bass, treble settings. 
  On-line and off-line track information editing. 
  Advanced filter facilties (e.g. 'john=superb', '!good', 'year>1990',
 'duration<180', 'genre=pop', 'john=good|fred=unheard' etc.) 
  Built-in telnet client (see manual). 
  Library interface, no need to write TCP code. 
  Comes with command line shell program for interfacing and web client to this
 shell program for web-based control.
  Uses an external player to output, and is known to support mpg123 and freeamp
 - this could be used to broadcast the output or support other players. 
  Comes with a setuid wrapper for mpg123-compatible players that can increase
 the nice level for low-capability processors. 

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