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On Tue, Jan 09, 2001 at 04:54:11PM +0100, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> > ANY package that is needed by the packaging system(and this does not only
> > include dpkg support scripts, but debconf, and some maintainer scripts,
> > including adduser) <b><i><blink>NEEDS TO NOT BREAK PERIOD.</blink></i></b>
> BTW: upgrading potato->sid is, in general, NOT broken (i just tested).

I've heard this from one other person also.  He says he never had a
problem upgrading from potato to woody (before it was sid).  However
I have had this perl problem on every system I upgraded from potato
to woody (and sid recently also).  It is easily fixed by going into
"/var/cache/apt/archives" and running a "dpkg -i" of "*perl*" before
continuing with the upgrade.  Last time, if I remember correctly it
was "perl-5.6" that didn't get installed before trying to run the
postinst of "vim".

The symptoms are missing anythings in "@INC", which just means that
you need 1 or 2 perl packages installed by hand first, which by now
are allready downloaded into "/var/cache/apt/archives".

The way I update is first to upgrade to the latest potato by running
dselect (Update, Select, Install).  Then go into /etc/apt/sources
and change all instances of potato to sid.  Then run dselect (Update,
Select, Install) again.

I have only upgraded 5 systems to woody/sid myself, but they all had
this perl problem.


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