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Need experienced developer to create Java GUI frontend for Linux client-server application

Hi all,

We're a small software development company in Melbourne, Australia
presently involved in creating a Linux client-server kiosk application.

We are looking for developers who are able to work on-site, creating the
Java GUI front-end for this application.  At least one senior developer
is required and additionally a small number of up-and-coming type
developers to work with the senior developer and receive direction and
guidance from him/her.

This application stores its data in a PostgreSQL 7.03 database, so
people having experience working with JDBC and PostgreSQL through Java
1.3.x in a linux environment (we have JBuilder 4 for linux installed on
the machines) will be highly regarded.

If this isn't the correct place to ask around, can someone please advise
where would be more suitable?

Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift
PostgreSQL Database Administrator
Mobile : (04) 1304 8810
International : +61 (4) 1304 8810

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