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RE: testing "testing" (was: Implementing "testing")

I brought up the subject of an automatic testing/bug-reporting suite on
Gnome-Dev the other day, and, according to Havoc Pennington [hp@redhat.com]
Tinderbox http://www.mozilla.org/tinderbox.html can be configured to do a
lot of the automatic testing that I proposed.

Here is his reply

"There's a tool called "Tinderbox" that would do this. It's a good
idea. What we would need to set it up would simply be a spare computer
(easy) and someone to do quite a bit of work maintaining it
(hard). Given that we don't have enough people doing stuff like web
site maintenance, though, I wouldn't get your hopes up.


So what I'm curious about, is what sort of maintenance is necessary, and how
the maintenance time grows with the number of projects.

If the growth is significantly less than linear (which I suspect it will be)
then we could probably find a maintainer, and run all of the projects for
Gnome, Debian, RedHat, KDE, etc.

When I have more info, I'll everyone know,

Tom M.

PS - Ola, I attempted to reply to your opal@debian.org,opal@lysator.liu.se
ola@diamond.opal.dhs.org accounts, and they all bounced.

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