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RTP: Stegfs

Stegfs is a stegnographic (spelling?) filesystem, coming in the form of a
kernel patch and some userspace tools. It is a very secretiv way of storing
data on partitions. It combines information hiding and cryptography with the
result that even the filesystem itself does not know if there *is* any data
in the locked security levels.

The main author seems to have abandoned it. The last available patch is
against 2.2.14, and some kernel interfaces changed since then. Some
conceptional finetuning and additional features would be nice, too. 

I got it up and running and it works for me. It would be nice to have a debian
package of this. The kernel is not my real expertise, and I think there are
more capeable hands then mine for this. Is someone willing to take this and
package it? This someone might also be the one takeing care of the stegfs
itself in the long run. 

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