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Re: Bug#81397: [authorization] fails silently for normal users, cannot start server

On Sat, Jan 06, 2001 at 11:03:57PM -0600, Steve Langasek wrote:
> The display manager
> starts the X server, not the other way around, which means that the X server
> has no control over the display manager's behavior; and the authentication
> failure you reported came from the display manager and PAM, /not/ from the X
> server.

Hmm. Well, I know about that. The display managers start all right. The
problem occurs when I login. I'd tried xdm, wings and gdm. How come all
of them failed then?

> Is it possible you missed a debconf question that controls authentication for
> display managers when you upgraded?  Yes, but it certainly wasn't in the X
> packages.

?? I'm not sure, but when I downgraded to the version in sid, everything got
back to normal.


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