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Re: Potato packages

On Friday 05 January 2001 12:00, Jacob Kuntz wrote:
> from the secret journal of Russell Coker (russell@coker.com.au):
> > I am sure that there are lots of people who want to use some of these
> > features but who don't want to track the unstable/testing releases of
> > Debian to do so.  Do we have a repository of packages to support such
> > people?
> i believe this is why we *have* testing.


The problem is that these packages I named depend on more recent versions of 
libc6 than exist in potato.  Thus if you want to cleanly install these 
packages on a potato system then you need to install libc6 and several 
packages it drags in (including new nsswitch modules, new nscd, and more).

Then someone who merely wanted to install a 2.4.0 kernel and the utilities it 
requires ends up installing about 20 megs of packages from 

I am not suggesting that we do this for versions prior to potato.  I also 
think that we should stop maintaining such a potato+ repository after woody 
is released.

I am not suggesting that anything be added to auto-builders or that there 
should be a requirement for package maintainers to do anything.  We could 
make it a NMU-only repository.  Then if there's a package that's not in 
Potato that you need on a Potato system you could compile the woody source 
and upload it.

I would be happy to upload potato packages of devfsd, lilo (21.6), and 
anything else that isn't in potato that I need on potato systems.  The aim 
would be to only add new packages, or upgrade packages which provide 
functionality needed for other new features (lilo 21.6 is needed for ReiserFS 

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