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Re: package pool and big Packages.gz file

[quote myself, ;-) this is semi-final now ;-)]

another solution is to let every single deb provides its.pkg-gz
then, apt-get update will do nothing,
apt-get install some.deb will first download some.pkg-gz, then check its dependency,
then grab them.pkg-gz all, then install.

that is a minimum. isn't it? ;)
and then we will need some ``apt-get info pkg'' hehe..

and a virtual release-pkgs-gz.deb will depend on some selected part of those
any.pkg-gz to get up a release.

say one release contains 2000 pkgz, each pkg name is 10 chars, then the whole
infomation is a little more then 20k, compare with nowadays, a more than 1M.

and you could still do ``apt-get dist-upgrade'', just first install
release-pkgs-gz.deb then go on..., OR, first get a list of all debs installed
then update them each. [some more thoughts here..., later]

and you could have base-3.3-release, and gnome-4.4-release which depends on
base-3.2-release and x-5.6-release. and chinese-2.0-release etc. ...

then katie will remove a package only when no release-pkgs-gz.deb (or
testing, or whatever) depends on its.pkg-gz


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