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Re: PGP/GPG transition + db.debian.org

Hi Pawel!

On Thu, 04 Jan 2001, Pawel Wiecek wrote:

> How long does it take usually for a (GPG) key sent to keyring.debian.org
> to show up in official keyring (and maintainers database)?
> I'm waiting for my new GPG key to show up for quite a few weeks and it seems a
> bit excessive to me :^)

New keys sent to keyring.debian.org via gpg --send will take approximatly
forever. New keys have to be added my hand by the keyring maintainer and
this might long (up 2 12 months?) (see a thread here on -devel perhaps a
month or two ago).

> BTW -- our web interface to developers database (http://db.debian.org/) seems
> to be broken since a week or so... Both searching (goes back to index page)
> and logging in (returns page redirected to itself) don't seem to work.

admin@db knows about this.


PGP signed and encrypted messages preferred.

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