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Re: libglide2: debconf didn't ask question even for failed answer

zhaoway wrote:
> when installing libglide2 which uses debconf, i gave a
> answer which causes the package failed to be installed,
> then after the batch installation, i re-run apt-get to
> install it, but it didn't ask the question again.
> i consider this is fault ui design. i.e., if the question
> answer has bad effects, it _should_ be asked again all
> the way through no need for user to do special prior setup.

Yes, you're right. What's happening is that debconf will not re-ask a
question unless you specifically tell it to do so. This is generally a
good thing, in this case it is obviously not right. libglide2 could fix
this by, after asking the question and before bombing out, resetting the
question's seen flag to false. Thus, the next time it is run, the
question would be asked again.

see shy jo

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