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What's the status of webmin?


What's up with webmin?

In the archives of debian-devel, I see at least
three threads that started with a message from someone
proposing to package webmin, and quickly followed by
Jaldhar H. Vyas claiming that he is working on it.

However, I can't find webmin at packages.debian.org.

In July, Jaldhar said he had uploaded version 0.80.
Debian Weekly News for October 25th states that webmin
was a new package that week.

So it must have been uploaded at one time.

I poked around ftp-master.debian.org with "locate webmin",
and I see that Jaldhar's July upload of version 0.80 got pulled because it was 
in "main" when it should have been in "contrib".  Moreover, Ola Lundqvist
uploaded version 0.82 around the end of October, but it also seems to have
been pulled.

What happened?

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