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Re: bugs + rant + constructive criticism (long)

Branden Robinson wrote:
  >How about reading my headers, which is all I asked for in the first place?

exmh, at least, does not show Branden's X-no-cc: header; you have to scroll
up to see it.  With 400+ messages per day, I'm not likely to scrutinise
headers closely.  Furthermore, I make a distinction in my own mind between
replying to the list in general and replying to a particular poster (with a
copy to the list for interest).  If I want to be sure that person will see
the mail, I may well address it to him directly, in the hope that he will
pay it more attention than he would a message not addressed to him.

I know some people get very annoyed about receiving duplicates, but there
seem to be few MUAs which will easily distinguish between someone posting
on a list and someone mailing directly.  Unfortunately, the people who 
complain about the MUAs are not the ones using them.  This means that the
onus is perforce on those who don't want duplicates to eliminate them
before reading.

The manpage procmailex gives a recipe for using procmail and formail
to eliminate duplicate mails or to divert them into a duplicates folder.

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