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Re: bugs + rant + constructive criticism (long)

Jim Lynch <jim@laney.edu> writes:

Could you please read the Developers Reference section 4.1 second
> When machines break for whatever reason, sometimes people come to 
> #debian for help. It's unhelpful to encourage people to break their
> mission-critical servers... If Eric wants to do it himself, fine.

Call me cynical but if people doesn't read documentation, fine with
me. But you can tell me what is hard to understand at

   This distribution is currently in ``testing'' phase. That means
   that things might break if you run it. Anyone running woody is
   expected to be informed about any volatilities, usually by
   following developer-oriented mailing lists;

But that is an old discussion.

> Of course, not many developers like coming to #debian due to its 
> present noisiness and relative newbishness, or maybe for other

If the existence of unstable should be a secret on #debian I
understand why others developers doesn't come there anymore.I only
shows up on devel once in a while and mostly to see the topic or hear
why unstable broke but that is primaly because I don't really wants to
waste time on irc.

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