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Re: bugs + rant + constructive criticism (long)

Hi Eric.

One of the things you said, is:
Some packages refuse to install, and of course, break apt in the process.
Right now, I'm *hopefully* going to be able to repair a totally hosed
server that failed an apt-get because MAN AND GROFF failed to install
properly, ending the upgrade process and therefore stopping the install of
all the perl/debian-perl packages except the binary, rendering apt
practically useless.

Excuse my tone, but turnabout is fair play...

If this is a potato box, none of the following apply.

But... if you are using woody for -production-, I'm sorry again, but that's
an idiot move... and you know that if you have spent -any- time at all on
OPN, much less enough to get familiar enough to help others on channel.

And if you're talking about -sid-... rotflmao :)

Now being serious: I hope you NEVER advise people on #debian to use
anything not released for production. If I see it, you get devoiced


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