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Re: IPv6 support in Debian

On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 01:30:50PM +1100, Brian May wrote:
> Is IPv6 a release goal for any future release of Debian ?

Debian doesn't do "release goals" per se. I for one would love to have
Debian work out of the box with IPv6, but the only way for that to happen
is for someone to actually do the work and make various network tools
(all the stuff in standard and above, for a start) work with IPv6...

> The reason I ask is because in bug #80503, one of the responses was
> that IPv6 is not a release goal.

Which isn't at all relevant. If there's a problem with enabling IPv6
support by default (which it sounds like there probably is) then that
needs to be fixed. If there's not, then there's no reason not to change
it. This seems obvious.

But breaking things for ordinary use, just to have IPv6 out of the box
wouldn't be right either.

> However, I consider this attitude wrong, and think that the sooner
> that all packages support IPv6, the better. 

The IPv6 people probably should think about submitting some of their
patches to the real Debian packages at some point then. There still
isn't a bug report against netkit-inetd with an IPv6 patch, for example...


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