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Re: ITP: ttf-xtt, xfonts-xtt

ISHIKAWA Mutsumi schrieb:
>  For example, if ttf-xtt-* includes meta datas(fonts.alias,
> fonts.scale, tfm and so on) and when only fonts.alias update and
> upload. A user would download ttf-xtt-* package (include other files,
> they are not updated), if the user use the package only for TeX (not
> using for X).This update perhaps would not need the user.

How often will the xfonts-* package change without the ttf-*
package changing as well? Probably never, at least not the
stable packages.

The cost of having some bytes more in the Packages.gz that
_every_ user has to download (even ppl who don't know japanese)
and greater resource usage of apt is much greater than the
advantage of not having to download 3.6M once every total
eclipse (only for ppl using these packages).

ciao, 2ri
"I didn't know it was impossible when I did it."

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