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Re: Questions about testing

On Tue, 2 Jan 2001, John O Sullivan wrote:

> On a slightly related topic, packages that are updated everyday are a
> big headache for those of us that are living at the end of a modem,
> because we have to update many 10's of packages a day == lots of
> downloading. Its not a problem these days, but it was awkward just
> after kde and xfree4 were added to woody. (I'm not trying to dictate
> how people do their job, just pointing out my experiences.) I'd like
> to see some kind of policy that says that in general packages
> shouldn't be updated more than twice a week. I know I'm probably in a
> minority here though and I'll be told to apt-get update twice a week
> ;) but I'd like to hear if there are good reasons why this would be
> bad policy.

So don't upgrade those packages every day.

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