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Re: finishing up the /usr/share/doc transition

Santiago Vila wrote:
> First, there is no hurry for this. Second, it would probably take only
> one more release if we stop using symlinks right now. I already made a
> policy proposal to stop using symlinks, but there were objections from
> Manoj and Raul

I'm sure they objected since dropping symlinks right now would completly
ignore the entire point of the technical committee's decision. You would
have some documentation only in /usr/doc and some only in
/usr/share/doc. I'm sorry, but that is unacceptable.

> what do they think about this single-script idea which
> is clearly against what the T.C. decided? (I guess they are on vacation).

Since the situation has changed since their decision, a new method
which takes advantage of the change in the situation should be ok, I

> I do not follow your argument, anyway: If 6 people fix one package a
> day until woody is frozen, everything will be (physically) in
> /usr/share/doc at release time.

Indeed yes. Are you volenteering to be one of the six? I didn't get any
volenteers last time.

> You can be done today if you want (just use your script in *your*
> system, at your *own* risk), but this does not necessarily mean we
> have to risk hundreds of thousand of systems out there which do not have
> a real need to be converted in a single step.

I'd like to see your source of numbers that hundreds of thousands of
people track unstable.

I don't understand why you are assuming that any bugs that turn up in
the script won't be fixable anyway. It's not as if a temporary problem
with /usr/doc is going to cripple a debian system.

see shy jo

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