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Re: finishing up the /usr/share/doc transition

Santiago Vila wrote:
> No, we don't *need* any script to do this. One thing is that dpkg
> allows this to be done and another different one is that we *have* to
> do it. We agreed to make the transition on a per package basis. If we
> consider the transition almost finished and we want an empty /usr/doc
> we have just to *stop* requiring symlinks in maintainer scripts (which
> is something that we would do sooner or later). Once we stop making
> symlinks in /usr/doc, this directory will be emptied by itself,
> cleanly, and without risking the integrity of the system by complex
> scripts.

Take another look at where we are now. If 6 people fix one package a
day until woody is frozen, we might just manage to convert all packages
that do not yet use /usr/share/doc. If that is done, we only have to wait 2
more releases of debian until the transition is complete.

On the other hand, if we use a script now, we can be done tomorrow.

As for risking the integrity of the system with complex scripts, take a
look at the tremendous number of ways that people have managed to screw
this up doing it one package at a time (I just discovered a package that
puts files in /usr/doc/foo with a symlink /usr/share/doc/foo to it;
completly backwards from what policy requires.). Perhaps a single script is
actually likely to be better?

see shy jo

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