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Re: Where to find cdda_inteface.h and cdda_paranoia.h in ?

>>>> "MM" == Michael Meding <Michael@Meding.net> writes:


>> http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages


MM> that was really funny. I am still laughing. Of course a quick search in there 
MM> revealed nothing poping up for cdda. But I did the search before I posted to 
MM> the list.

MM> Anyway,

MM> I still haven't been able to locate the desired files. Anybody would be so 
MM> kind as to point me to the corresponding package ?

Very strange. I've find that in unstable :

usr/include/cdda_interface.h    sound/libcdparanoia0-dev
usr/include/cdda_paranoia.h     sound/libcdparanoia0-dev


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