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Re: Linux Progress Patch for Debian available!

On Dec 31, Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 09:12:44PM +0100, Raphael Bossek wrote:
> > for all of you looking for a graphical start screen, this is the right patch. I've modified it a little bit
> > so more init scripts are supported and a additional patch against the latest linux-2.4.0-test12 is part of
> > this tarball too!
> AFAIK there is a problem with this patch since some of the copyright
> messages of the drivers are not displayed anymore. since some of them
> require the Copyright announcement, this is a violation of the license. As
> far as I know that was the reason for not putting that patch into the
> kernel, long ago.

Not to open a can of worms, but is that requirement compatible with
the GPL?

In any event, something like a small xconsole session should handle
this problem (put about 5 lines at the bottom of the screen with the
messages scrolling by at ridiculous speed).

The other solution is to collect all of the copyright messages and
stick them in a separate message buffer that is displayed at the end
of booting.  It would definitely be a cleaner approach... but you'd
need a new printk-like function to handle it.

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