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Linux Progress Patch for Debian available!


hi Debian users,

for all of you looking for a graphical start screen, this is the right patch. I've modified it a little bit
so more init scripts are supported and a additional patch against the latest linux-2.4.0-test12 is part of
this tarball too!

The official project page from the Linux Progress Patch is http://lpp.freelords.org/.

You can find here the latest informations about the implementation and some additional themes (http://lpp.freelords.org/Themes.phtml) of course!

Applying the patch against your kernel (you need a VESA2.0 or compilant graphics card to get framebuffer device working!) you get the following result: http://master.debian.org/~bossekr/debian-lpp.png

If you are now thinking about XDM and how to make it more Debian GNU/Linux compilant, take a look at http://x.themes.org/ ! I've found some interesting configurations for XDM there :)

Raphael Bossek <raphael.bossek@solutions4linux.de> [ICQ #40047651]

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