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RFC: pools and catagories of packages

IANAD, but I would like to suggest an idea that I had. There has been a
lot of interest in getting packages arranged by different
catagorizations, something like the menu. Most ideas that I have seen so
far seem to imply adding new fields to the debs, but his seems like
overkill to me.

Couldn't a new packages be created, something like a Catagories.deb that
contained a databased of entries for each type? like...
and when somebody thought that a package should be added to a catagory
they just submitted a bug against the catagory package. Extra catagories
could be added by bug requests also. This would allow package maintaners
the ability to say where there packages belong but also the users would
be able to feed back into the catagories as well.

This would require some modification to the package front ends and allow
the current system to stay intact without modification.

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