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Re: Boost Windows Reliability!!!!!

Quoting Ben Collins (bcollins@debian.org):
> BTW, I'm on a 28.8, and I get over 1000 emails a day from all the lists I
> am sub'd to. So I do see a lot of spam, even beyond Debian's lists. If I
> can ignore it, so can everyone else, IMNHO.
Ignoring spam has made the internet the spam-ridden place it is right now.
As long as people do not do anything about it, spam will be as commonplace
and as 'ignorable' as spam by snailmail.
I do not like that, and lots of people don't. Apart from the annoyances,
spammers almost regularly clobber up mailservers, network links, and
are being _very_ intrusive.
Spam is not an ignorable problem, and every spam-account i can manage to get
killed, will get killed.
If your opinion is that we shouldn't actively try to bring down the spam to
a minimum, and just delete it - that's your opinion, but definately not
mine, and not a lot of others' too ;)


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