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Re: testing to be implemented on ftp-master

Adrian Bunk wrote:
> BTW: Are there any rules when a developer has to use which urgency or can
>      he if he wants to simply do all his uploads with the urgency set to
>      "high"? I read the Packaging Manual and I did only find a very vague
>      "how important it is to upgrade to this version from previous ones"
>      that can be interpreted in many ways.

The urgency field really hasn't been used at all. Now at least two
things are using it:

1. Testing
2. Apt-listchanges (sorts by urgency)

If I see a developer consitently and unnecessarily using > normal urgency
in apt-listchanges when I upgrade, I think I would eventually get sick of
it and complain to them.

see shy jo

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