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Re: goals for woody ? (Re: Release Date of Woody?)

Taketoshi Sano <sano@debian.org> writes:


> Maybe some more, and I assume
>  6) 2.4 Linux kernel, if available
> is the wishlist one.  But I don't know if this can be available or not.

Presumably gcc3.0 is somewhere on the wishlist, should it become
available and usable early enough.  2.95.3 is being worked on, so
that's an alternative (it would be better than a RH7.0-like 2.96, in
that the C++ things will be binary compatible with 2.95.2)---however,
3.0 would be much better (providing a standard C++ ABI), although also
much more risky and expensive (since all C++ libraries would need to
be recompiled).


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