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Re: Latest Mandrake

This way lies taskhell II.  My read is either do it elegantly and
pathetically easy to use or don't do it at all.  

On Sun, 17 Dec 2000, Laurent Guerby wrote:

> Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> wrote:
> > [...] but that still leaves a lot of room for niche specialisation. if
> > mandrake is better for ex-windows users who don't want to know how their
> > computer works and don't want to get their hands dirty with "stupid"
> > config files then i'm happy that it exists for them. debian happens to
> > be better for people who aren't afraid of their computer and i'm glad
> > that it exists for people like me.
> I don't think debian has to make choices like that. It just can
> provide a few non-expert choices at the beginning of the install
> process, and if the user selects these choices, the installer tries as
> hard as possible to avoid asking things to the user.  Such an
> installation path would not activate any service troublesome from a
> security point a view (for a non-expert user).
> Disclaimer: I haven't installed a Debian system yet.

Pardon me, but you have obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a
email galt@inconnu.isu.edu

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